The Green Heist


Green Heist Book Cover


Despite the lukewarm coffee’s bitterness, the man took another sip. Dressed in an Armani suit covered in blood stains, he wore no shirt under the suit jacket, no socks with his shoes, and no belt. The only accouterments on his clothes was a small US Flag pinned to his lapel.

“Wouldn’t help anyway. The fools here will still find a way to mess up a decent cup of coffee,” the detective said. “No, the art of coffee-making died with the first $ 7 Soy Latte.” They both laughed.

“Right, back to business,” the detective said. “For the record, you’ve waived your right to an attorney?

“Yes,” the man answered. “According to the initial report, my officers arrest you as you attempted to flee the scene where multiple homicides had recently occurred. The report stated you were armed? Is this correct?”


“Okay,” the detective said. “Since it looks like we have an hour or two before transport gets here to take you to County for processing, why don’t we go over your statement one more time.”

“You sure? The entire statement?” the man asked.

“Every word.”

The man glanced at the clock on the wall. “Where to begin? I guess by admitting the truth.”

The man’s words peeked the detective’s interested, so he leaned closer to the man. “And what is the truth?” the detective asked.

“That money truly is the root of evil,” the man replied. “For had it not been about the money, none of the shit you’re about to hear would’ve ever happened. You see, detective, my man, Dale, tried to play a game, and learned too late he was on the losing team.”


Excerpt from The Green Heist by Candy C Knight. Copyright © 2016 by Candy Knight. All rights reserved. Posted with permission of the publisher.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


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