A Friendly Game of Poker


The sudden bolt of lightning sent a shock of hot white across the graphite sky. The heavy rain had fallen so quickly the parking lot and nearby street flooded in a matter of minutes. Water gushed down the unlit parking lot and a brutal wind howled and shook the windows of every apartment.

Lucky for the residents of this expensive luxury apartment complex, the owners hadn’t cut corners and built the complex to withstand all manner of tumultuous weather.

The boom of thunder that followed only made him smile and he gazed upon the darken sky.

“Wow, didn’t think she’d be so upset over this,” he thought. “Must remember to pick her up something nice before heading home.”

He stood peacefully still and let the wild raindrops baptize him. For him, this wasn’t some ghastly storm, but a symphony being exquisitely conducted. The crash of lightning, the boom of thunder, the raindrops splashing — all came together to create the sweetest serenade, and brought serenity to his chaos.

Another crack of lightening slashed the air, and the systematic boom of the thunder reverberated seconds later. The man smiled again and tapped the rim of his fedora. He pulled his trench coat tighter around him and continued across the parking lot, dancing from puddle to puddle toward apartment thirteen.


Excerpt from The Last Hand: A Friendly Game of Poker by Candy C Knight. Copyright © 2016 by Candy Knight. All rights reserved. Posted with permission of the publisher.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


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