My Name Is Karma

My Name is Karam
My Name is Karma: An Amazing Tale Based on True Life Experiences 

How does someone on the fast-track with a beautiful flat with a picturesque view of the city end up in a dump dodging drug addicts and pimps?

Suffice it to say that even with my near genius-level IQ and workaholic personality, I was still at times quite a daft cow. The head under my naturally jet-black hair held my intelligent brain and an over-abundance of book sense and Jeopardy-level knowledge.

But when common sense was dished out on creation day I must’ve been in the library with my nose stuck in a book because I surely lacked much common sense. I especially lacked it when I needed it to tell me people were only being my friend so they could take advantage of me.

Heck, even my own parents took advantage of my lack of common sense and my insatiable need to be liked. I hadn’t realized it at the time though.

My parents were PhD professors who taught at universities all over the world. I developed my love of education, at the expense of any meaningful friendships, from the books they had bought me during their travels.

I’d spent hours in my room reading and doing homework for extra credit instead of socializing with other children. Since books didn’t tease or bully me, I had found it safer to spend time with my imagination than with other people.

“Wonder where you’d be if they’d sent you a doll or a cheerleading outfit? Not living in some sorry ass flat with two slutty rejects from the Sex Parade.”

My constant companion. How could I have forgotten about you?

You know that egotistical, insensible side of yourself that at times slipped out and said the most inappropriate rubbish at the most inappropriate time?

I too had that side, and his name was Arrogance. He popped up whenever I was stressed, which was just about every minute of the day.

Arrogance was a very unsettling side effect of my social anxiety disorder, and he had been my constant companion since my childhood.

Unlike normal people who were able to let that side of themselves out from time to time, I had never been able to let Arrogance take control, not even for a moment. No, Arrogance remained solely inside my head, where he happily dished out insults and ugliness every minute of the day.

Controlling Arrogance was a constant struggle. I admit there were times where I wished I could let him out in full force. But my unquenchable need to be liked and appreciated always won out. I supposed that’s why Arrogance loved to tortured me.

I hated Arrogance.


Excerpt from novel My Name Is Karma by Candy C Knight. Copyright © 2017 by Candy Knight. All rights reserved. Posted with permission of the publisher. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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