Novel Excerpts

Enjoy these excerpts from my novels

Green Heist Book Cover

“Going green can sometimes be hazardous to your health.”

Dale, a rich ne’er–do–well in his late 20s, has never worked a day in his life. But after a recent run-in with the law, his comfortable, weed-smoking life is turned upside down. In need of a job to pay his debts, Dale finds work at a medical marijuana clinic.

What happens when you give a lifelong pothead unlimited access to premium, and legal, ganja? Nothing but trouble!


“They’ll know terror, horror and fear are not illusions when they see the monstrous things I’ve done!”

The tale of a young woman for whom years of bullying and humiliation resulted in a fractured psyche she battles every day in her never-ending quest to live a “normal” life.

But Karma has an interesting way of taking care of nasty people!