Happy Birthday Mom!!

Hello friends!

Please excuse this very tardy travel entry. Life has taken me on a winding journey with new obstacles and challenges to overcome. I’m still battling, but even a battle-weary warrior like me needs to stop and smell the roses.

And that is exactly what I did over the Veterans Day holiday. As I did in February, I spent the holiday in Baja Sur California and the lovely town of San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. Once again, I stayed at the Cabo Azul resort. The resort is still luxurious, fun and relaxing.

This time though I chose a 1-bedroom suite with complete kitchen, sofa bed, and a nice view of the pool and ocean. A gorgeous, and humongous, soaking tub didn’t hurt either, haha!

Not a bad way to wash away the trails of the day, right?

This time around, I brought my mother along for the ride. The trip was my birthday present to her.

After checking the bills, this will also be her Christmas present, and possibly her Mother’s Day gift too, haha.

For this trip I focused more on relaxing and just enjoying my surroundings. There was no desire to explore or visit any attractions. This trip was simply a trip to rest, relax and recharge my batteries so I can handle the Christmas and New Year’s headaches just around the corner.

We did visit downtown San Jose Del Cabo, and once again almost fell into the tourist souvenir traps.

Nevertheless, a trip to the local Wal-Mart (yes Wal-Mart), a nice restaurant for some grub and the Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone saved the day.

These short trips remind me that not every trip itinerary needs to be filled to the brim with activities and sightseeing.

Sometimes doing less is the best way to vacation.

Happy Holidays!! Here’s to 2019 Adventures!!

As always …


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