My journey to the home to the world-famous Cromer Crab!

Cromer: Crabs, Cliffs & Paints

Hello fellow travelers,

I journeyed to the seaside town of Cromer, home to the world-famous Cromer Crab!

Cromer Crab

The town is located on the north coast of the English county of Norfolk, about 23 miles north Norwich. Before I tell you about my adventures in this lovely town, I must first describe adventure in getting to Cromer.

My travel plans hit a snag the day before I was schedule to depart. Mother Nature decided to drop buckets and buckets of rain onto the Midwest. Because to the flash flood warnings and thunderstorms, flights were delayed and I feared my flight the next day would be adversely affected. However, the next day was a very sunny day and my flight wasn’t delayed or cancelled due to weather.

That is not to say travel day wasn’t hectic as my flight to London was delayed 90 minutes. My first reaction was anger upon seeing the “Awaiting Aircraft” update as the reason for the delay. According to the airlines’ own site, my aircraft was at the airport, so why were we delayed.

My mood quickly changed when a follow-up update mentioned the actual reason – my original plane didn’t pass the required flight inspection because of a bad wing, requiring a switch in aircraft. I was like “a 90-minute wait ain’t all that bad.” Despite all the delays, we arrived in London only 30 minutes later than our original arrival time. Must have been a U.S. Air Force-trained pilot flying the plane. Kudos!!

I decided not to drive to Cromer for various reasons, the biggest being jetlag. Nevertheless, the train ride to Cromer was beautiful. The weather was sunny and warm, and I enjoyed the scenery. I arrived at Cromer Country Club and was surprised by the level of customer service. The reception team was kind and ready to help. My accommodation was ready and check-in was smooth. The best bit was the team seeing how worn out I was and arranging for my luggage to be delivered to my room.

It’s the little things like this that make a vacation great.

My accommodation was a 1-bedroom Superior, based over two floors with living area and kitchen based on the ground floor and a large double bedroom and bathroom located upstairs. Complete with a full kitchen, microwave, oven, toaster and refrigerator, this place met my lodging expectations.

After an early night (and I mean early), I set out to enjoy my seaside adventure. First up, a CliffTop Walk to Overstrand, followed by a British tradition – Afternoon Tea. Martin, Cromer’s Country Club’s entertainment manager, led what turned out to be a lovely, and cardio-pumping, walk along the cliffs. Seriously, it was a very intense walk – I had to buy some Icy Hot for my poor legs. Add in the fact that there were no barriers, and the fear of falling of the edge added a extra boost of adrenaline and I motored up those steep hills.

Martin added a few historic tidbits about the cliffs and the surrounding towns throughout the journey. He told us where some of the places to try the famous Cromer Crab and about some upcoming town events. We arrived at The Sea Marge Hotel for the traditional Afternoon Tea. The Sea Marge Hotel is an elegant Grade II listed house lovingly restored to create a luxurious seaside family hotel.

The Sea Marge Hotel, Overstrand, Norfolk, England

Martin and I discussed various topics over scrumptious finger sandwiches and refreshing tea. One of the funniest discussion was the Cream vs. Jam debate. If you have no clue about this debate, well apparently the debate has created a rivalry between the Devonians and the Cornish. People from Devon traditionally put the cream on the scone first then the jam, while Cornish folks say the jam goes first. I settled my own inner turmoil with this simple phrase “does it matter, it’s all going down the same tube to your stomach. Enjoy it whatever way you like. Besides, you have an excuse – you’re an American.” 

After a tea and a nice walk back to the resort, I took a nap before heading to the resort’s Amber bar for Music Trivia night. It was a wonderful evening. Although my team didn’t win, I was happy to be the only person to recognize Tina Turner’s Golden Eye theme song. Awesome moment. I also took advantage of relieving my kindergarten finger-painting days.

The next day, I headed along the cliffs to Cromer town centre to try the famous Cromer crab and discover why this crab is so special.

As it wasn’t lunch time yet, I decided to check out the famous Cromer pier and explore the surrounding town. First up, a trip to the gift shop for souvenirs – particularly a shot glass to add to my collection.

Cromer is beautiful, especially given the sunny weather Mother Nature bless us with on the day. Guess this was her apology for the thunderstorms on travel day, ha ha. I explored the town, taking pictures of things that interest me. I hung out at the pier, but not for long as the wind kicked up and it got quite chilly pretty quick.

DSCN8140 (2)

A quick pit-stop at the amusement center, where I relieved some childhood memories playing skeeball and three-point basketball shot-drop, and I was ready for lunch. There were many choices, but on the advice of the resort staff, I chose The Red Lion Hotel to sample local seafood. My initial choice was to try the Cromer Crab, but I didn’t like the options offered, so I chose sea bass instead, which I admit was the right choice.

Ninety minutes later – I was back to exploring. However, despite planning a visit to the local museum, I ended up checking out two local bookstores. I don’t know how, but every town I visit, I always manage to find the bookstore – even when I’m not looking for a bookstore. An hour later, and four books bought (including a cookbook for a friend), I decided it was time to head back to the resort and call it a day.

As I was heading back I learn there was a once in a lifetime event taking place on the pier. I’m nosy, so decided to check it out. Wouldn’t ya know … the Antiques Roadshow was filming an episode on the pier. It was so awesome to check out this event live an in-person. Had so much fun!!

After a quick nap, I strolled over to the Amber Bar and Restaurant, where I tried the world-famous Cromer Crab.20180522_172146

Well it might be world-famous but it will not dress my food plate again. No, the crab wasn’t bad, but it didn’t awaken new sensations on my palate either. Nevertheless, I can honestly say now I’ve tried Cromer Crab and don’t like it one bit.

Speaking of food, I decided this year to use my kitchen facilities more and forgo eating every meal out on the town. I know dining out is a key part of the cultural experience, but there are times when finances must take precedence. Plus, I just wanted to cook!!

Overall, Cromer is a nice and relaxing location; a perfect setting to kick off Adventure 2018: Summer Edition. 

Keep checking back … there are more tales to tell!

As always …




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