Prague: Golden City of a Thousand Spires

Prague, home of the Trdelník.

Yummy Deliciousness!!

Birthday Adventure 2022 final destination!

I finally made it to the city after six tries. It has been on my travel list for about 10 years now. I actually made plans to explore in 2020, but COVID threw a big fat wrench into those plans.

For Birthday Adventure 2022, Prague was the ultimate destination. I wanted to celebrate my birthday in one of Europe’s finest and historic cities. Prague’s fairytale features makes it a hotspot for culture vultures who want to explore history, music, and architecture.

Just wandering around Old Town Square, mesmerized by the architecture, made this birthday extra special.

And a trip to the Lego Museum was the cherry on top!

I could not stop saying to myself “WOW,” as I casually strolled across Charles Bridge. I listened to the buskers, watched artists draw caricatures for tourists, all while taking photo after photo of the awe-inspiring statues. 

Furthermore, the favorable exchange rate made Prague one of the cheapest locations I’ve visited during my adventures. I went a little nuts buying souvenirs.

Prague is also one of the safest cities in Europe, which is always a good thing for solo travelers like myself. 

That’s Prague out there!


First things first – choosing the method of transport. I chose the train over the plane. A flight was quicker, but a train was more relaxing. 

A business class ticket is also more affordable on the train. For $25, I traveled in style from Germany to Prague.

Check out the video for a glimpse of CD Railjet Business Class. Video also gives you a glimpse inside Praha hlavní nádraží, Prague’s main train station. 

CD Railjet Business Class

The five-hour train ride was quiet, relaxing and very scenic. I love train rides. Here’s a few amenities I enjoyed during my trip:

  • Maximum side room between seats and comfortable leg room
  • Leather seat covers
  • Individually adjustable seats with adaptable backrests and leg rests
  • Generous folding tables
  • Reading lamps
  • Quiet atmosphere for undisturbed work
  • Wi-Fi
  • One electrical outlet per seat for laptops or other electronic devices
  • Generous work surfaces
  • Services of the Railjet Business Class

My seat reservation included:

  • Cabin service: Delicious meals and drinks from the bistro and the restaurant served at your seat.
  • Onboard Portal Railnet: Service and Infotainment incl. over 100 ePapers/eMagazines

Yes, I enjoyed the heck out of the seat-side service. The food was delicious too. My chosen seat was a single, so there was no one sitting opposite me. COVID hadn’t disappeared, so this was not only relaxing, but a bit safer. Would suck to be sick during my birthday celebration. 

Me chilling in business class seat!

Thanks to the early morning train, I arrived mid-afternoon. Plenty of time to check into the hotel and still have a good six hours of daylight for my Photo Safari. 

Traveler’s Tip: Ensure you arrange transport from the main station in advance. It can be tough getting a taxi or any vehicle transport from the station.

However, public transport is easy and cost effective. The Subway’s Line C, marked in red, serves Prague’s main train station and provides a quick connection to the nearby city center. The metro station is located directly under the main station. 

Prague’s Official Tourism website’s “Getting Around Prague by Public Transport” section has a lot of good information and tips. 


The LH Vintage Design Hotel Sax was my lodging for my four-night adventure. I selected this hotel over more modern ones, and my Marriott favs, because of its quirkiness. Having breakfast included didn’t hurt much either. 

I was transported back in time the moment I walked through the front door. The decor was exactly as seen on the website. The mixture of 1950s, 60s, and 97s furniture gives the hotel a nice bohemian appeal.

I read a few bad reviews where the only complaint was the hotel’s decor. Not sure what those reviewers expected, but the hotel is clearly vintage and doesn’t hide this fact. 

If vintage isn’t for you – move on to the next option. 

Overall, I had a lovely stay here. The staff were wonderful. Customer service was phenomenal, and it was easy to see that the staff take pride in offering the best customer service to every guest. They even went so far as to ensure my taxi driver arrived at the train station to pick me up, despite a mix-up with the times.

Check-in was smooth, and I was given a list of eateries and restaurants nearby. The hotel even had an elevator, which is one of my requirements if a hotel has more than three floors. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to carry my luggage up more than one flight of stairs.

My Deluxe Double Room was 25 square meters, which is a pretty good size for a European hotel. For the price I paid – $80 per night, breakfast included – it was more than I expected. I actually kicked myself for not getting a larger room.  It was my birthday celebration after all. A Design Suite – 40 Square meters – at $90 per night would have been #Awesome.

My request for a room with a bathtub was honored. The bed was quite comfy, and the chairs and small table provided a nice area to chill and rest after walking those cobblestones. The old time alarm clock made me chuckle. 

The photos were exactly as seen on website, which is surprising as many hotels only display their best rooms on their websites. The room also featured central A/C, which during the height of Europe’s 2022 record-breaking heatwave, was a welcomed relief.

The only downsides was the lack of television channels and no tea kettle. However, the Wi-Fi strength was adequate, and I was able to complete my schoolwork and watch movies. There was a Nespresso-like coffee maker in the room.

The hotel also had a coffee room available offering a selection of beverages including soft drinks, mineral water, beer, wine, Prosecco, coffee and tea. Having no tea kettle wasn’t a ‘make or break’ option, but I should’ve requested a tea kettle. 

Breakfast was continental. The assortment of fresh fruits and bread was a delightful way to start the day. The service also featured a nice selection of Czech bread products, yogurts, cheeses, smoked meats, hot and cold drinks. The tummy-filling breakfast got my day off to the right start.

Lovely breakfast got the day started off nicely!

The hotel’s location was also a factor in my selection. Located in the historical part of Prague called the Mala Strana, it is situated right below Prague Castle. A 10-minute uphill walk to Prague Castle, was exhilarating. The 10-minute downhill walk to Charles Bridge & Old Town was even better.

Actually, I was able to reach all the sites I wanted to visit within 20 of walking. It would have less if my legs and feet weren’t screaming at because of the cobblestones.


My first bucket list location was Pražský hrad – Prague Castle. The largest ancient castle in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is a beautiful and majestic place. 

Good news: It was only a 10-minute walk from my hotel. 

Bad news: It was an uphill work to the castle, over cobblestones. My poor feet.

I arrived after the main portion of the castle closed, but walking around the complex was more enjoyable, and cheaper. The UNESCO World Heritage site is a mixture of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings.

The views of Prague from the castle grounds made the uphill climb worth it. The cobblestones hurt the feet, but the heart soared at the view. 

Visiting the castle is not expensive. A standard ticket is 250 Czech Koruna, or $12. Here’s the current price list.  


Next up was a stroll across Karlův most – Charles Bridge. Prague’s oldest bridge was a replacement for the Judith Bridge damaged by floods in 1342. Walking along the bridge was a glimpse of city life.

Tourists, buskers, artists, vendors and more line the bridge every day.

The amount of people walking along made me a bit uncomfortable. Safety is always a priority, so I made sure to keep all my belongings in front of me, double checked my pockets if someone ‘accidentally’ bumped into me; and always ensured I didn’t get ‘trapped’ by sidewalk vendors. 

My nervousness addressed, I journeyed along the bridge, snapping photos of the stunning view, and simply enjoying the leisurely walk. There are 30 sculptures and sculptural groups along the bridge. This amazed me. Most bridges I dared to cross feature sculptures at the entrances or at the center. Charles Bridge had sculptures everywhere.

The Charles Bridge Musuem was a highlight. Containing interesting facts about the oldest bridge in Prague, the museum is located in the Baroque building of the Military Order of the Crusaders of the Red Star, established by Saint Agnes of Bohemia in 1252. The Crusaders of the Red Star have been the keepers of the bridge since time immemorial.

I kept passing by the musuem every time I walked along the bridge. Finally went in to escape a rain storm that snuck up on us. Very glad I did. Nice history and very educational.


The Astronomical Clock was something that didn’t really interest me, but it is something to see. Placed at the front side of the tower in 1410, the clock consists of different parts – such as a calendar and an astronomical desk or the mechanism of twelve apostles which sets them in motion. The procession of the Twelve Apostles occurs every hour between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m.

I was wondering why there was a large group of folks standing around the clock. 

The apostles’ parade aren’t the only ones in motion during the procession. The skeleton rings, rotates an hourglass in order to show to the Turk that his lifetime is at the end. He shakes his head. The Vain Man and the Miser behave similarly.

Check out this nice article detailing the other figures on the clock. The Chronicler is my favorite. Wonder why? LOL!


The Prague Hop On/Hop Off tour was interesting because it wasn’t a normal bus like in most cities. The tour used mini-buses and visited only nine locations:

1. Republic Square 3

2. Wenceslas Square 23

3. Dancing House

4. Malostranske Square 13

5. Prague Castle Up

6. Strahov Monastery

7. Prague Castle Down

8. River Bank Na Frantisku

9. Old Town Square 6

I passed on this tour. The $35 price is similar to most other cities, but the shortness of the tour didn’t justify the high cost.

While I like Hop On/Hop Off tours because they’re a nice way to orient one to the city, walking around Prague’s Old Town was a much better, and cheaper way.

If your feet are like mine and hate cobblestones, the 3-day, $15 public transport ticket is the best option.  


Prague, like many cities I’ve visited, is home to some very unique and unusual attractions. Travel Adventure etiquette deems I must visit a few.

The Brown-Nosers

The Brown-Nosers are gigantic, naked lower halves of two bodies bent over and lean against the side of the building, revealing their huge buttcracks. Individuals daring to climb the ladder and stick their heads in are rewarded with a video of two Czech politicians, ex-President Václav Klaus and the ex-director of the National Gallery in Prague, spoon feed porridge to each other, as Queen’s “We Are the Champions” plays 

Unfortunately, the exhibit, located at Futura Gallery, Holečkova 789/49, Prague 5 – Smíchov, is temporarily closed. 

brown noser
Man Hanging Out

The Man Hanging Out sculpture is a David Černý work depicting psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud suspended by one hand from a pole high above the ground. Černý also created the Brown-Nosers statues. 

Statue of Kafka

Seeing this in person was just weird. Another David Černý creation – this guy is everywhere in this city –  this bust is composed of 42 different layers, each layer rotating individually.

Apparently, this sculpture complements the METALmorphosis statue in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The statue is a nice photo opportunity but nothing more.It was a nice walk to the site, which is next to the Quadrio shopping centre. The rotations are every hour and take about 15-20 minutes to do a complete rotation.

Skip this unless this is on your Ripley’s Believe It or Not bucket list.

LEGO Museum

Not exactly unique, but something I had to check out because it’s LEGO. This particular museum specializes in telling the history of LEGO. Entry was $14, a bit steep, though probably cheaper given the number of small children running around trying to destroy the sculptures.

The museum houses over 3,000 unique models, including many of Prague’s landmarks, Trevi Fountain and even Tower Bridge.

This might be a kiddie museum, but I enjoyed my time here. Easy to spend an hour here, marveling at the lego sculptures, or putting together your own model. The city Space exhibit was my fav, but Star Wars was neat too. Wish they had more Pirates of Caribbean and less Harry Potter though.

Building LEGOs on my birthday? What a nice reminder that I’m only as old as I feel. 

Nice being reminded that I made the right choice pursuing a business management degree over an architectural degree.

Jeez, I’m still trying to put together my Big Ben LEGO tower. Only takes 60 minutes to put together? Yeah, right. LOL.

Hard Rock Cafe

Yes, the Hard Rock Cafe isn’t a unique attraction, but it’s on my list as part of a travel game between me and my good friend April L.

Celebrating my birthday at the HRC Prague was just as cool as when I celebrated my previous birthday in Nice, France. Standar HRC fare, but still delicious and a great atmosphere. Also, the favorable exchange rate meant it was the cheapest HRC meal I had to date.


Prague becomes a different city at night. It is crazy fun around every corner. There were traditional bars to modern night clubs. As a female solo traveler, I stuck with the bars close to my hotel. As a teetotaler, soda and coffee were my drinks of choice, but I still had a good time chatting with locals and visitors alike.  

 However, if you want to enjoy a more active nightlife, get out of the city centre and into the ‘burbs.

Here’s a nice web site to review if you want to check out some of Prague’s clubs and other venues. 


Overall, Prague was a dream come true. A lovely, historic city with friendly people. Plenty of things to see and do in this town. I’ll certainly make plans to visit again.  


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